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CCC Computer Center

Whether you need advice on a new network, an upgrade, or a specific project, CCC Computer Center is here to help you. The value of CCC Computer Center’s outsourcing is in its expertise and efficiency.

CCC has provided IT services for hundreds of schools, government clients and small to medium sized businesses. Each experience furthers our knowledge base and this knowledge is shared across our technology staff to assure that successful implementations and services are provided.

    Expertise and high quality service are essential to the design, maintenance and expansion of your network. From design to troubleshooting, CCC Computer Center's engineers possess the skills and experience to ensure that every aspect of your hardware and network infrastructure is operating as planned, cost effectively and to the satisfaction of your organization and its users.

CCC Computer Center appreciates the necessity for a successful project process as well as the final results. We specialize in working within time-critical installation environments, extreme conditions and organizational nuances. When your business cannot be interrupted, we plan unobtrusive changeover and implementation. No matter how expansive or sophisticated your system may be, CCC’s skilled technicians and partnerships are the key to your success.

Services Offered

q       Outsourced IT Services

q       Remote Network Management

q       VPN Architecture and Implementation

q       Equipment Relocation and Logistics Services

q       Intrusion Prevention

q       Exchange Server

q       Virtualization

q       Integration Services

q       System Rollouts and Deployments

q       VOIP Equipment, Consulting, Installation and Implementation

q       Wiring Design and Installation

q       Network and Internet Security Services

q       Diagnostic and Repair Services

q       Disk Based Backup Solutions

q       Switching and Routing Solutions

q       Web Security / Threat Management

q       Windows Server

q       Email Archiving / Compliance

q       Storage and Backup Solutions

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q       Project Management and Logistics


CCC Computer Center
555 Theodore Fremd Ave.- Suite B-102 - Rye, NY 10580
Phone: 914-967-1200
Fax: 914-967-2279

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